Richmond, Virginia

What can I say, I love where I live.  Sure there are always places it would be cool to live, but Richmond will always be my home.  As much history as there is here as close to the ocean, mountains, to DC, to just about everywhere.

It is a unique place in the world, not entirely friendly at first, but once you become a regular here people warm up to you. 

Some reasons Richmond is unique (non-scientific, randomly appearing in my mind):

1. Oldest continuous legislative body in the Western Hemisphere meets here.
2. we have a train buried in Church Hill!
3. you can white water raft the James River – downtown.
4. we have a place here named Texas Beach
5. Belle Isle
6. Ukrop’s Cafe…mmmmmmm…….chicken salad is calling.
7. The Civil War is everywhere here.  Seriously, the scars of the war can be seen all around town.
8. After Jamestown, they came here.
9. Bottoms Up Pizza
10. We’re not Northern Virginia – not saying NOVA is bad, but let’s be honest, I-95 here is not I-95 there.
11. Monument Avenue & The Fan

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