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For the last ten years I have been employed by Fairmount Christian Church in their After-School Program.  The last three years I have been the Director of that program.  Let me tell you, it’s interesting and fantastic work.  Currently we have 87 elementary age children attend Monday-Friday from 5 different schools.  Of those 87, maybe 10 or so attend Fairmount, and maybe 25 or 30 attend church (extremely rough estimate).  So this is a real outreach of the church.

We are in the midst of planning for the expansion of the Fairmount facility which could happen in the next three years.  In such an expansion, a good section is dedicated to our program, so planning is crucial.

I have an excellent group of Staff who have done a tremendous job this past summer and going into this school year.

All success of this program is due to God, no one else.  It could be a completely different set of people working and running this program, and God would still make it successful.  Reminding myself of that everyday helps to focus on what’s God’s will for the program, not mine.

ALSO, I am the editor of the Fairmount Forecaster, the church’s weekly newsletter.  I started this in 2002 and took it over completely in 2005.  It has become my art form, I enjoy doing it so much.  Recently I redesigned it for the sixtieth anniversary of the publication and hope it gets a warm reception.  Doing this has also helped me learn Microsoft Publisher 2007.  It’s a cool program.

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20 11 2007

we live for God , definit.
– even if we are too crazy sometimes

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