Seattle er…….Richmond weather.

8 04 2008

Seven of the past eight days have been overcast and rainy.  The prospect for sunshine won’t occur until Thursday.  Maybe we forgot to pay the light bill and that explains the absence of sunlight.  Either way, I’m grown weary of dreary weather.  Not to mention it has dampened my plans for outdoor work around the house.

I think in Alaska people there are sometimes prescribed those light glasses that help them get over the problems that occur during the six months of darkness.  We need those here.  Yeah we do.

That is all.

Petersburg, Virginia

16 09 2007

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day!

I took the opportunity of the pleasant weather to head down to Petersburg to take some photos.  For weeks now I’ve been wanting to get down there for that.

First, let me just say, if you read nothing else know this: If you change out the trees that line Petersburg’s Old Towne for Palmetto Trees, you would think you’re in Charleston, SC.  Petersburg has that feel to it.

Now, I went into Old Towne to photograph the area because it is a mix of old Alexandria and Charleston.  But in saying that, it’s not really fair to compare because Petersburg has her own identity that perhaps has similar traits to her sister southern cities.  Enough ryhmes and alliterations.

I am SO enthralled with Petersburg.  Walking the streets you get a real sense of the potential for this area.  I checked out some of the antique shops, got some coffee from Java Mio and walked the streets.  Taking over 30 megabytes of photos, I posted the vast majority of them on Flickr.  My family has our roots in Petersburg, VA.  The John Baird house in the city is my great-great-great-great-great-etc. Grandfather’s.  I wanted a picture of it, but the batteries died in the camera and, alas, I didn’t bring a spare set.

Folks, Petersburg’s on the verge of something big.  It could be awesome with what they want do there.  I read the report some months ago about the master plan with the marina and the river front and along with the other plans it could be an incredible place to live, work and hang out.  Being there yesterday really made me want to have a house on Grove Avenue or somewhere around there.

The people that were around Saturday were extremely friendly.  There was no hesitation to greet one another as you pass by.  Some shop owners sat out in front of their stores greeting people and were extremely helpful with some of my questions.  If you love shopping for antiques, then head down to Petersburg, they have everything!!! Seriously, I saw it.

Bottom Line: Petersburg is an excellent place.  Full of history, the longest siege in North America occurred here, the Civil War battlefields are just minutes drive away, and the architecture is phenominal.  The people were friendly, the shops interesting, the coffee awesome! 

With the increase in population looming, more and more will get a chance to see this great city, be sure you’re one of them to check it out.  Keep reading in the news about the efforts to revitalize the city and support those who are working there.

Thanks Petersburg for an enjoyable afternoon!

P.S. – I amen my earlier post about Petersburg should get Part 3 of the Museum of the Confederacy.  It would fit nicely there in town.

April snow showers bring May flowers???

7 04 2007

0407070952.jpgFor the first time in years, it has snowed in Virginia in April.  This recent cold snap produced an inch of snow overnight.  Which, ironically, is the first significant accumulation of snow in 2007.  As quick as it came it has since melted, but not before some impressive photos were taken.  The cold still lingers with tonight’s low reaching the record of 28 degrees.  Spring will return but not until after Easter Sunday.

Easter Freeze

4 04 2007

seven day forecast from April 4, 2007

This is the seven day forecast for Richmond as of April 4, 2007 at 1:32 pm.  Not a good sign.  We’re to have a hard freeze this weekend with lows in the 20s.  The plants and trees that have come out of dormancy could be greatly affected.  What happened to global warming?