Mashup: A-Team vs. Star Trek TOS

5 04 2008

Found this thanks to…

…two great shows have come together.

Volume III: Villians – Sneak Peek

18 12 2007

The awesome folks over at have posted a one-minute sneak peek at “Villians”, which is Volume 3 of Season 2.

It looks like it could be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Check it out:

Just praying to be strike free by ’08…………ish.

End of Volume II of Heroes…

3 12 2007

All I have to say is…!!!

That was a good episode.

Good because it didn’t answer everything, tied up what needed to be tied up and began Volume 3…which has more potential than I can even imagine right now.

What an ending to Adam Monroe.  A la Edgar Allen Poe…buried alive.

Is Nathan dead?  He didn’t die on screen and they didn’t say he was dead, but most importantly.  Was that Noah that shot him?  Probably.

Is Niki dead?  Her situation doesn’t look good, but we’ll have to wait for the strike to resolve.

I was satisfied with “Powerless”. It was a well done episode because again, it didn’t answer everything.  You don’t want to know everything because then there’s nothing to be passionate about.  There’s a lot of years for this show to run its course and let’s let it.

I’m excited about volume three. Sylar’s back (how appropriate he had a can of spinach).  Now I see how they could write that Maya will get her revenge on him…in some way.

I foresee Maya learning to direct her power on an individual instead of mass killing.  Her ability to enhance her abilities could be crucial in Volume 3. 

Hiro has mastered his powers and hopefully The Company won’t come calling…hopefully.

Noah will have to seek redemption with his family…and soon.  Because Sylar’ll be coming for Claire-bear.

It’s going to be awesome!!! I cannot wait!  This strike must must.  The thought of an indefinite start to Volume Three is cruel and unusual punishment and thereby prohibited under the Constitution of the United States.  Hasn’t anyone told both sides this?

Best lines of “Powerless”:

When Parkman and Nathan land, “let’s not talk about this ever again.”

When Parkman sees Hiro, “Who’s he supposed to be?”

I was happy with “Powerless” and so should you.

Merry Christmas!

Season Finale? of Heroes…

28 11 2007

Unless the WGA Strike comes to a swift end, it appears Heroes will come to a swift end.  This upcoming Monday is the end of Volume 2 and perhaps Season 2.  Entitled “Powerless”, the episode will hopefully tie up the stories we’ve been following since September…hopefully.

November 19’s episode was phenomenal…outstanding.  This past week’s (November 26) was good, but not “pacing the halls during commercial break” worthy.  It did, however, build up for what could be an outstanding episode December 3rd.

Sylar back in New York…in Mohinder’s apartment…with Molly.  Where’s Parkman? Yikes!  Claire threatening to go public about The Company.  Elle doubting her father, and Noah helping with that by the way.   Oh yeah…don’t forget our boys Adam and Peter are in Odessa, TX.  Something about a virus?  I don’t know.

The good folks at have posted a 5-minute preview of the upcoming episode “Powerless”.  Go check it out!  It’s a great site done very well.  Pay them a visit and comment.

Who is Adam Monroe? and other Heroes theories

13 11 2007

Adam Monroe - Heroes Wiki

Adam Monroe.  Good or bad?  You know, one of the great things about the show Heroes is that there are characters who you’re never sure if they’re good or bad.  Mr. Monroe is such.  We saw him in 17th century Japan as Kensai.  Vowing to conquer Japan and cause pain for Hiro.  Then skip 400 years and there he is helping Peter Petrelli heal his brother Nathan and protecting Peter from The Company. 

Bottom line is, I really want to like this character.  We know he respects loyalty.  We know he’s after the other founding members of The Company.  He’s supposedly killed Kaito Nakamura and others.  He was using Maury to attack these people.  He was Linderman’s boss.  Linderman’s boss.  Mr. Monroe is one serious dude.  Not to be toiled with.

So where does he fit in to all this?  Will he be the cure to the virus?  Is Claire a descendant of him?  Did he know Mr. Petrelli?  What’ll happen if he meets Sylar?  Time and the WGA strike will tell.

I wonder if…

-Adam Monroe will ultimatly reconcile with Hiro.
-Sylar will kill Alejandro, taking his power and use Maya as some sort of ransom against the others.
-Linderman returns to seize control of The Company…Bob has been working for him and Adam was apparently villianized because Linderman considered him a threat.
-Mr. Petrelli isn’t dead, his wife has made everyone think this for some yet to be revealed reason. 

How it’ll all fit together, I’m still working that out…but needless to say, this show is awesome and I cannot wait for Mondays!

Family Guy: Name what movie this scene pays tribute to…

11 04 2007

Can you think of what classic comdey this clip pays tribute to???