iPod Touch…

8 09 2007

ipod touchipod touch

So here it is, the iPod touch.  This week Apple unveiled the next generation in ipods, and one of them was the ipod touch.  Simply put, it’s an iphone without the ball and chain of AT&T Wireless.  It’s capable of browsing the internet via WiFi 802.11 b/g and it looks really cool. Priced at $299 for an 8GB and $399 for a 16GB, it will very soon be the envy of….well, everyone – maybe even Bill Gates.

Truth be told, I really like the ipod touch’s look, its features, especially the WiFi ability.  However, I cannot get overly enthusiastic about its storage capability.  At most 16GB, but how much of that is already eaten away by the OS.  It’s running OS X and plus the Safari browser, itunes and the lot.  How much space will that leave?  Understandably, its operating on solid state memory and 160 GB of such memory is right now astronomical.  If it were to feature a hard drive it probably wouldn’t be as thin as Steve Jobs would prefer.  Though, I expect Apple to roll out an ipod touch with more drive space in the future.

Will I get one?  I want one.  But the logical part of me wants to wait until bugs are fixed and space increased.  But if one is given to me, I’ll not turn it down.  <—hint

Plants on other worlds not necessarily green.

12 04 2007

concept for an alien planet's landscape.

MSNBC is carrying a story that scientist theorize that other planets outside our solar system may contain plant life of different colors.  The idea is that not all plants would be green and it depends on the type of star a planet orbits.  Science in the last ten years has discovered many solar systems throughout the galaxy.  Now they’ve recenlty discovered that the first one found could contain water.  Eventually by studying the light waves, it can be determined if planets support life.

To read the MSNBC article: Click here to read