September 11, Genesis, Confederate Flag, et al…

11 09 2007

-Today is September 11, exactly six years ago today the nation if not the world changed forever.  In fact even the days of the week fall the same as they did six years ago as today is Tuesday, September 11.  Take a moment, remember where you were when you learned of the disaster and remember what you have today and thank God.


-I’ve been reading the book of Genesis lately.  You know reading the Bible is like any book, when you read it again and again you always find something new.  For instance, in the stories of the world pre-Noah’s Flood the people were able to craft bronze tools and the like.  It makes me wonder how advanced civilization was before they were wiped out?  There was a time I read that some Bible archaeologists think that the pre-flood world was as advanced as our 18th or 19th Century.  That would be amazing, but I don’t think there’s a way to know that until Heaven. 

But don’t get me started on who those beings were that were coming down marrying the women of man.  It was put in there so matter-of-factly, it seems there’s more to that than meets the eye.


-The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports this morning that yet another Confederate flag argument is flaring up in town.  This time is the argument about which Confederate flag to place in the Capital Building.  The leadership is wanting to put the second national while “heritage” groups want the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia to be placed in there.

Bottom line: put the second national in there, we really should put the third national, since that was the official flag at the time of the war’s conclusion in 1865.  But this’ll be another opportunity for extremists on both sides to scream and yell and behave like children with no sense.


-We’re getting a full service Starbucks here soon, the first on the east side of town (east of I-95).  That’ll be real convenient in the mornings, or whenever.  Looking forward to that.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme in the United States of America

12 04 2007

© MSNBC.comSo CBS & NBC have fired Don Imus from radio because of his remarks last week.  Let the hypocrisy wheel spin folks, because what Mr. Imus was fired for is blatantly shown to millions of young people daily.  Don Imus’ remarks were stupid, plain and simple.  He should have known better than to make those remarks on national radio and expect to get away with it.  Obviously he wasn’t thinking otherwise he wouldn’t have said it.  But the fact that he was fired, and the alleged public uproar is as ridiculous as the remarks.  True, no one should say derogatory remarks about someone else.  Common sense.  But why is Don Imus crucified for saying what “gangsta” rap stars say over and over in their so called music.  When Imus was fired today, Jesse Jackson was quoted saying it was a “a victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.” 

Al Sharpton said, “He [Imus] says he wants to be forgiven. I hope he continues in that process. But we cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism.”

And yet, rap stars can say these things over the airways.  Jackson and Sharpton say yes because that’s an expression of art.  That’s a bunch of crap, what Don Imus said and what 50 Cent and Nelly say in their lyrics are one and the same.  But the Rainbow Coalition turns a deaf ear when it comes to rap music.  Because it’s “art”.

The real problem in all this is hypocrisy.  “You can’t do this or say this, but it’s okay if I do.”  The Bible says the we shouldn’t do things that cause are brother to stumble.  Meaning that even if we don’t consider it bad, we shouldn’t do it if it causes someone else to sin or they consider it bad (outside of doctrine, of course).  Paul wrote about this in regards to eating “clean” and “unclean” food and whether Gentiles needed to be circumcised before becoming Christians.

 The point: okay, it’s not right for Don Imus to use the terminology that he did, but apparently it’s okay for rap stars to use it.  Well, the reality is no one should use such talk….for it brings us all down and makes one group of people cynicle and the other hypocritical.

It’s all blown WAYout of proportion.