The greatest week of baseball…

24 09 2007

okay folks, here we are the last week of the MLB season.  This is going to be probably the greatest week of baseball in some time……for the National League anyway.

 First, I am a New York Mets fan through and through.  They best take the NL East.

However, I am secretly (well, I guess this takes the secret away) rooting for the Atlanta Braves to get into the post season.  As of this writing they are 3.5 games out of the Wild Card with 7 games to go.  There is no margin of error, but the way they’ve been playing the last few days…why not?  I am somewhat optimistic that they’ll make it.

This does go to show however that games in April, May and June are just as important as ones in July, August and September.  If the Braves had a few more wins in the Spring, then los Bravos fans wouldn’t be sweating it out this week.

 I don’t know, the postseason just feels right with Atlanta in the mix…..but if San Diego takes the Wild Card it sure would be a good excuse to seem them play…in California.

Selling my soul……to SunTrust?

10 09 2007

This morning will find me closing on my home mortgage re-finance.  It’s an okay deal, but there’s still a part of me that feels I’m selling my soul, the amount of documents to sign is the reason, not because it’s evil in anyway…..well maybe one or two ways.

 Other than that, happy Monday to all.

 Good Luck to Caleb on his first day of work at Studio West in San Diego, CA.