Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear.

19 03 2007

those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.  Well, yesteryear may certainly have been thrilling, but it was a rough time also.  1937 for instance, just 70 years ago the world was a much different place.  War loomed on the horizon as Nazi Germany began its march for global conquest.  The world was under grips of the Great Depression, the United States was going through dramatic social change thanks to FDR’s “New Deal”.  But in spite of all that, it was the time of the greatest entertainment venue of the 20th Century.  For during this time was the Golden Age of Radio.  Old Time Radio as it’s called today was in its prime in the 1930s & 1940s.  Every evening families would gather around the radio to listen to Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Fibber McGee & Molly, George Burns and Gracie Allen or any number of drama shows, soap operas or even just music.  It wasn’t a simpler time, but a different time.  A time when you didn’t have the radio on just for noise, but at a set hour with the entire family.  Listening intently to President Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chat” about the economic recovery or the European situation.  Keeping up with Jack Benny’s feud with Fred Allen, or listening to the Brooklyn Dodgers play the New York Giants.  For us today, when we think of this time, you may conjure up an image of the Waltons listening to the radio before they all went to bed and spent hours saying “goodnight”.  But that’s how things were, at-least I’ve been told.  Listening to these old shows is great, for it gives you an insight to culture of the 1930s, plus even after all these years, they’re still entertaining.  I mean, how could Orson Welles convince so many that the United States was under attack by Martians?  Amazing.  I’m posting some links that one can go online and listen to various shows. features a wide variety of programs in Real Audio format.  Enjoy!