Mr. Abrams & Company talk Trek at

25 01 2008

How awesome is it when you can share your passion for something with others?  To have them see what drives you and what is a catalyst for your creativity and imagination is something truly special.

As I have never been a film maker, I cannot say that is the primary driving force of making pictures, but for those who make really well done films, I bet it is an important part of it.  I do know from writing that when a piece is written that gaines praise, it’ll be a piece that I wrote that I have genuine interest, passion and excitement for.  That also is beginning to present itself in photography for me.  I love photographing things that I have an interest in and am passionate about.

So it goes with all forms of creativity.  You present what you’re passionate about, what you’re interested in and hope that people take notice and enjoy the work you’ve done. 

This is what has happened over at – a site that I’ve known about for nearly two years now that has brought info on the many aspects of Star Trek.  From the remastered TOS episodes to the first hints of the new film all the way to today…

Today, J.J. Abrams and crew, the ones who are currently filming Star Trek, took time to answer questions posed by visitors to  How awesome is that?  First that shows that the crew who now are at the helm of Trek are committed to the franchise and the fanbase.  Second, the realize the publicity it generates and the attention it draws to the film.  Third, it must really be cool for Anthony Pascale, creator and administrator of 

I applaude the work of Mr. Pascale, his dedication to bringing news and views on Star Trek has been tremendous. is one of the sites I check every morning after waking up.  He has allowed fans of trek to communicate with each other via the comments section on each post, and has gained the attention of those who are involved with Trek to speak to the Trek community through his site. 

Two posts this week really impressed me, those were of the interview with James Cawley, Executive Producer of Star Trek: New Voyages, and also the Q&A with Mr. Abrams & Company.

Whatever your motives Mr. Pascale, you have really made a fine site and provided Trek fans a sounding board and internet gathering that other sites just could not do.  I mean honestly, how cool is it that they chose to do this at rather than some Paramout corporate site that would have come off as completely staged and vague.

If you get a chance, go over to http://www.trekmovie.comto read the Q&A session…it’ll prove interesting and you never know what you’ll find out.  Keep going to for updates, even when the official site begins providing information, will still be the starting point for me.