Raiders of the Lost Ark?

3 03 2008

I caught the program last night about the guy who went out searching for the Ark of the Covenant.  No, not Indiana Jones…it was Dr. Tudor Parfitt’s journey in search of the elusive Ark which has not been seen since sometime around the take over of Judah by the Babylonians in the Old Testament.  No word of the Ark’s fate exists.

For centuries people have wondered what’s become of the ark.  Where is it? Who took it? Is it still intact? Is it still powerful?  As seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark the Nazis opened the Ark and were destroyed.  Those who know about the Christianity know that if the Ark was around today, it probably would not have the same powers because the Holy Spirit resides in followers of Christ.

Dr. Parfitt’s journey took him to Jerusalem and then his journey went to Egypt, Yemen and into the wilds of Africa.

He claims to have found the latest incarnation of the Ark in a Musuem in Zimbabwe, made of wood and used by a tribe on the South African/Zimbabwe border for hundreds of years.

Dr. Parfitt’s quest for the Ark amount to me leaving home telling you that I’m going to go buy a new car…and then returning with only a ham sandwich.  One has nothing to do with the other.

What is interesting is the retracing of the steps of some of the Jews as they fled Judah as Nebuchadnezzar was about to break the walls in Jerusalem.  These Jews, mentioned in the Bible as the ones who fled to Egypt, worked their way south into deep Egypt and eventually deeper into Africa.  Another group arrived in Africa via Yemen. 

Centuries later, reports came out of an African Tribe that somehow practiced the Jewish traditions…though Israel was some 3000 miles away.  This tribe ate kosher, followed the laws of the Jews and even carried around their own “Ark” like object into tribal war.  What’s really interesting is that DNA test show that they are in fact kin to Jews in Israel…so there is validity to the fact that the Jews who fled Nebuchadnezzar somehow ended up in modern day South Africa.

As for the Ark…if it does exist, it is lost somewhere or hidden somewhere very well.  Some say Israel has it hidden somewhere, others say the Muslims have it hidden somewhere, some say it’s in Ethiopia under heavy guard.  It would be astounding to find it, but maybe God does not wish for us to find it as we may be tempted to worship that and not Him. 

But we all know that really the Ark of the Covenant is locked away at Area 51 after being found by Dr. Henry Jones.

Fort Lee’s Growth = Our Gain

15 09 2007

The Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning is reporting on the contruction at Fort Lee.  Over the next serval years Fort Lee will expand to accomodate more than 17,000 additional personnel comeing through the military installation in Hopewell.

The paper said the increase will generate $1.5 to $2 billion dollars in economic growth…..billion!!!

My main concern about Fort Lee growth…….there’s nothing adequatly available in the Tri-Cities where the new people coming in can go and worship.  Something needs to be done.  I’ve mentioned this to my administrator at work who is on the board of the Virginia Evanglizing Fellowship (VEF).  That they need to really be focusing on this area as it will be a huge market that has no place to go.  The VEF support churches around Virginia and is involved in starting new churches as well.  So here is an area on the verge of tremendous growth over the next four years, and no church suitable to accomodate the tens of thousands coming in. 

There’s still time to get something going, and the VEF, and fellow Christians across Virginia need to see that it is done.  If not us, then who?  Don’t let this opportunity pass by, do something!