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15 09 2008

Why is it that when the Associated Press runs a story about financial troubles they only ask Barack Obama for a statement and not also John McCain?

Oh that’s right, they don’t care about objectivity.  My bad.



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15 09 2008

This could be for a couple of reasons …

Perhaps it’s because of the Republican Party’s policies that got us into this mess and the Bush administration refuses to say mistakes have been made. Even when Bush learns that his decision may not be the best choice and it would be wise to take another path (like any normal person) he refuses and calls it “being tough.”

Perhaps it’s because McCain says the economy is strong and blames Wall Street for the country’s troubles, even though it’s laws are dictated by his party’s rules. McCain talks about abuses in Washington and reform but he doesn’t want people to notice that it’s HIS party that causes this. Didn’t he say a couple of months ago that he doesn’t understand the US economy?

Perhaps it’s because of the constant Republican B.S. and double talk. The constant spin to encourage citizens to “look over here” instead of “over there.”

Perhaps it’s because Obama has new ideas and a new agenda. He has something worth saying and I think smart people get it. He’s more about fixing long-term problems instead of putting band aides on current problems.

26 09 2008

Obama has no more new ideas than my cat does. For that matter neither does McCain. These men come from the most ineffective, confounding and asinine organization in the history of the world….the US Congress. They will do nothing at all. The only reason McCain is the lesser of the two evils is because Obama is a socialists and will propel this nation into the depths of government dictatorship the likes of which we will never fathom unless, God forbid, it happens.

I find it very interesting that the majority of those who support Obama passionately are those who somehow have found a way to avoid paying taxes.

No one who submitted their name in this race was worth a damn to be President of the United States. And who do I think I am for saying that? A voter.

29 09 2008

If McCain dies (which is highly likely, he’s 72 years old and had cancer 4 times) Sarah Palin become president and Nancy Pelosi becomes VP. Doesn’t that scare the hell out of you? Have you heard Palin talk?

22 10 2008

Whew, it looks like Obama may pull this off after all. I, for one, am relieved beyond belief. Can you imagine another 4 years of Bush-like policies, tax cuts to the rich, world view, etc … For the record, I knew McCain was done the moment he picked Palin. He has put the country at risk to pick such a newbie. This is not a game. It’s the leader of our country. I’m happy the American people have seen past this “gimmick”. I’m just sad because this is what were in for from now on. All gimmick, all looks, no content. We can thank the Repubs for that.

I’m happy that you actually have some thought behind your McCain endorsement. I think you’re wrong about Obama, tax cuts and socialism. I don’t have any grand illusions about Obama. I HOPE he’s a great president. A president that can put America back on the right track. I have greater confidence in him than I could ever have of McCain.

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