31 05 2008

So I’ve been spending the week in San Diego, California.  Last week, Kevin Capehart and I flew out here to visit our friends Caleb and Carrie.  We’ve had a tremendous time here!  It’s beautiful out here and the people are great.  We’ve seen all sorts of sites and people, gone down to the Mexico border, was interviewed by Mexican reporters, and almost stepped on a rattlesnake! We got to see the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, and rode up to Los Angeles for a day where I met a cousin for the first time.  We did the stops at the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.  At Venice Beach there were all sorts of odd folks.  The perfect spot for people watching.

The weather here is blissful, no humidity to speak of, temps from 65-75 degrees, and a nice breeze off the ocean. 

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures, many are on flickr now, but many many are not and will make their way on there when I get home.  The ones online have also been geotagged, so you can get an idea of where I’ve been.

We fly back tonight, our plane leaves at 8:50 pm (PDT) and we fly all night to New York where we connect for our flight back to Richmond.

I’m anxious to get home to see my family, I’ve missed them a lot and I’ve also missed my cats and my house.

It’s been great here though and we were extremely fortunate to have such good friends to be our hosts for the week.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

27 05 2008

One of the most highly anticipated movies for me this year was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I’ve been waiting for this picture a long time….a long time.  Finally it has arrived!  I went to the midnight permeire of the film last Wednesday/Thursday and let me just tell you that I thought it was great.  Some critics didn’t care for it much, but you know what???? Too bad for them.  If you enjoy Indiana Jones then you’ll enjoy this film.  If you enjoy fun films, you’ll enjoy this film.  If you breathe oxygen…’ll enjoy this film.

Is the whole thing great?  No.  There are parts I could have done without (involvin swinging from branches), but the overall film was enjoyable.  I’ve come to the conclusion that one must not nitpick a film because you have to think about it like this:

Think of it as a person you’re close to.  Sure they’re good people, but there may be a few things you don’t like that they do.  But you’re not going to not like that person for those small, insignificant reasons.  So it is with Indiana Jones.  Don’t let the few slow, pointless scenes spoil the whole film.  Enjoy it! Have fun!  It’s freakin’ Indiana Jones for crying out loud and it’s been 19 years since the last one came out.

Go see it, many times.  You’ll be glad you did.