Mashup: Indiana Jones vs. Star Wars

12 04 2008

This guy did a decent job considering it was done in 2001 before LEGO Indiana Jones.

From YouTube…

Seattle er…….Richmond weather.

8 04 2008

Seven of the past eight days have been overcast and rainy.  The prospect for sunshine won’t occur until Thursday.  Maybe we forgot to pay the light bill and that explains the absence of sunlight.  Either way, I’m grown weary of dreary weather.  Not to mention it has dampened my plans for outdoor work around the house.

I think in Alaska people there are sometimes prescribed those light glasses that help them get over the problems that occur during the six months of darkness.  We need those here.  Yeah we do.

That is all.

Mashup: A-Team vs. Star Trek TOS

5 04 2008

Found this thanks to…

…two great shows have come together.