Rail-to-Trails: Seaboard Air Line Railroad Trail – Chesterfield County

19 12 2007

Was looking through a book about hiking trails made from abandoned railroads.  What a great idea!  It’s being done all over the nation, and here in Virginia there are some popular ones in the western part of the state and around Washington.

It got me thinking…this idea could be done here in Richmond.  We have several old rail lines and abandoned railbeds that could be converted into hiking trails.

The first that hit me was the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad through Chesterfield.  The line was abandoned in the 60s I believe.  It runs just over 13 miles from Centralia to Petersburg. 

I’ve marked it on maps.live.com page.



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20 12 2007

From the Richmond-Ashland Railway, if you use the power line right of way you can head west from St. Joseph’s Villa to Hermitage High, then west and north to Crump Park. Or you could head east and connect to Three Lakes and Vawter St. Parks, then south to The Richmond and Rappahanock Railway.

21 12 2007

yeah, I can see that. I don’t know how willing Virginia Power would be, but they’ve done it elsewhere, no reason they shouldn’t allow it here.

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