I just don’t get it…

15 12 2007

News about tension in Prince William County, VA over illegal immigration. 


Why is this even an issue?  If a person is in this nation illegally…then they DO NOT deserve social services provided by OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!  Any person who is not a citizen of the United States DOES NOT deserve social services provided at taxpayer expense.

 Why is this such a foreign idea?  I will admit I don’t understand why a person from Mexico can’t just come across the border at a border stop?  Is it that difficult?

Look, I have a hard enough time knowing that there are thousands of people cheating the federal government of money that I had to pay them.  I refuse to have sympathy for non-citizens cheating the federal government of money that I had to pay in taxes.

Are there reasons these people snuck into the US?  Obviously.  And I’m sure there are many who were trying to better their lives for their children, etc. etc.  But…meanwhile, they don’t integrate into the American Nation.  They don’t learn English, and because of this WE have to alter our way of thinking to accommodate those who don’t speak the language of this nation.  I’m all for preserving your heritage, but for the community as a whole, you need to follow the rules.  And if you don’t, the community shouldn’t have to change the rules and procedures for you.

The whole thing is stupid, it really is. 



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