Return to Trains…

3 12 2007

From Piedmont Stub - all the talk of gas prices and being more eco-friendly….plus transportation issues in our state, which I’m sure are present in other states.  PLUS the problems with the airline industry… 

I wonder why those in charge of railroads haven’t attempted to capitalize on the situation.  Why not use trains more?  Granted it’s not as quick as driving or flying…but it could be way more convenient.  And that’s a sell as speed to consumers.  I’d take a train somewhere…but I love trains.  However, I believe if advertised correctly, the populous would try trains more.  The key is to make sure you point out that travelling by train is easier, more affordable (if it is, I haven’t run the numbers) and most importantly is apart of the thinking: “Getting there is half the fun!”.



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