Rail-to-Trails: Seaboard Air Line Railroad Trail – Chesterfield County

19 12 2007

Was looking through a book about hiking trails made from abandoned railroads.  What a great idea!  It’s being done all over the nation, and here in Virginia there are some popular ones in the western part of the state and around Washington.

It got me thinking…this idea could be done here in Richmond.  We have several old rail lines and abandoned railbeds that could be converted into hiking trails.

The first that hit me was the old Seaboard Air Line Railroad through Chesterfield.  The line was abandoned in the 60s I believe.  It runs just over 13 miles from Centralia to Petersburg. 

I’ve marked it on maps.live.com page.

Volume III: Villians – Sneak Peek

18 12 2007

The awesome folks over at www.heroestheseries.com have posted a one-minute sneak peek at “Villians”, which is Volume 3 of Season 2.

It looks like it could be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Check it out: http://www.heroestheseries.com/heroes-volume-3-villains-sneak-peek-video/

Just praying to be strike free by ’08…………ish.

I just don’t get it…

15 12 2007

News about tension in Prince William County, VA over illegal immigration. 


Why is this even an issue?  If a person is in this nation illegally…then they DO NOT deserve social services provided by OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!  Any person who is not a citizen of the United States DOES NOT deserve social services provided at taxpayer expense.

 Why is this such a foreign idea?  I will admit I don’t understand why a person from Mexico can’t just come across the border at a border stop?  Is it that difficult?

Look, I have a hard enough time knowing that there are thousands of people cheating the federal government of money that I had to pay them.  I refuse to have sympathy for non-citizens cheating the federal government of money that I had to pay in taxes.

Are there reasons these people snuck into the US?  Obviously.  And I’m sure there are many who were trying to better their lives for their children, etc. etc.  But…meanwhile, they don’t integrate into the American Nation.  They don’t learn English, and because of this WE have to alter our way of thinking to accommodate those who don’t speak the language of this nation.  I’m all for preserving your heritage, but for the community as a whole, you need to follow the rules.  And if you don’t, the community shouldn’t have to change the rules and procedures for you.

The whole thing is stupid, it really is. 

Richmond should take notes from Alexandria…

10 12 2007

The Richmond Times-Dispatch‘s website had an article today about the City of Alexandria in Northern Virginia.  It’s an interesting article about how Alexandria a long time ago decided to capitalize on its history.  Something Richmond needs to do, but due to…..ignorance….has not.


Pearl Harbor Day

7 12 2007

48-star US flag

I can’t imagine anything that would infuriate the Americans more. I fear all that we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

-from Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

Today is Pearl Harbor Day in the United States. 66 years ago the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack was a surprise to the men and women at Pearl Harbor. It dealt a serious blow to the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet and caused the United States to enter World War II the next day.

End of Volume II of Heroes…

3 12 2007

All I have to say is…..wow!!!

That was a good episode.

Good because it didn’t answer everything, tied up what needed to be tied up and began Volume 3…which has more potential than I can even imagine right now.

What an ending to Adam Monroe.  A la Edgar Allen Poe…buried alive.

Is Nathan dead?  He didn’t die on screen and they didn’t say he was dead, but most importantly.  Was that Noah that shot him?  Probably.

Is Niki dead?  Her situation doesn’t look good, but we’ll have to wait for the strike to resolve.

I was satisfied with “Powerless”. It was a well done episode because again, it didn’t answer everything.  You don’t want to know everything because then there’s nothing to be passionate about.  There’s a lot of years for this show to run its course and let’s let it.

I’m excited about volume three. Sylar’s back (how appropriate he had a can of spinach).  Now I see how they could write that Maya will get her revenge on him…in some way.

I foresee Maya learning to direct her power on an individual instead of mass killing.  Her ability to enhance her abilities could be crucial in Volume 3. 

Hiro has mastered his powers and hopefully The Company won’t come calling…hopefully.

Noah will have to seek redemption with his family…and soon.  Because Sylar’ll be coming for Claire-bear.

It’s going to be awesome!!! I cannot wait!  This strike must end..it must.  The thought of an indefinite start to Volume Three is cruel and unusual punishment and thereby prohibited under the Constitution of the United States.  Hasn’t anyone told both sides this?

Best lines of “Powerless”:

When Parkman and Nathan land, “let’s not talk about this ever again.”

When Parkman sees Hiro, “Who’s he supposed to be?”

I was happy with “Powerless” and so should you.

Merry Christmas!

Return to Trains…

3 12 2007

From Piedmont Stub - http://www.piedmontsub.com/Richmond.shtmlWith all the talk of gas prices and being more eco-friendly….plus transportation issues in our state, which I’m sure are present in other states.  PLUS the problems with the airline industry… 

I wonder why those in charge of railroads haven’t attempted to capitalize on the situation.  Why not use trains more?  Granted it’s not as quick as driving or flying…but it could be way more convenient.  And that’s a sell as speed to consumers.  I’d take a train somewhere…but I love trains.  However, I believe if advertised correctly, the populous would try trains more.  The key is to make sure you point out that travelling by train is easier, more affordable (if it is, I haven’t run the numbers) and most importantly is apart of the thinking: “Getting there is half the fun!”.