Season Finale? of Heroes…

28 11 2007

Unless the WGA Strike comes to a swift end, it appears Heroes will come to a swift end.  This upcoming Monday is the end of Volume 2 and perhaps Season 2.  Entitled “Powerless”, the episode will hopefully tie up the stories we’ve been following since September…hopefully.

November 19’s episode was phenomenal…outstanding.  This past week’s (November 26) was good, but not “pacing the halls during commercial break” worthy.  It did, however, build up for what could be an outstanding episode December 3rd.

Sylar back in New York…in Mohinder’s apartment…with Molly.  Where’s Parkman? Yikes!  Claire threatening to go public about The Company.  Elle doubting her father, and Noah helping with that by the way.   Oh yeah…don’t forget our boys Adam and Peter are in Odessa, TX.  Something about a virus?  I don’t know.

The good folks at have posted a 5-minute preview of the upcoming episode “Powerless”.  Go check it out!  It’s a great site done very well.  Pay them a visit and comment.



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