Who is Adam Monroe? and other Heroes theories

13 11 2007

Adam Monroe - Heroes Wiki

Adam Monroe.  Good or bad?  You know, one of the great things about the show Heroes is that there are characters who you’re never sure if they’re good or bad.  Mr. Monroe is such.  We saw him in 17th century Japan as Kensai.  Vowing to conquer Japan and cause pain for Hiro.  Then skip 400 years and there he is helping Peter Petrelli heal his brother Nathan and protecting Peter from The Company. 

Bottom line is, I really want to like this character.  We know he respects loyalty.  We know he’s after the other founding members of The Company.  He’s supposedly killed Kaito Nakamura and others.  He was using Maury to attack these people.  He was Linderman’s boss.  Linderman’s boss.  Mr. Monroe is one serious dude.  Not to be toiled with.

So where does he fit in to all this?  Will he be the cure to the virus?  Is Claire a descendant of him?  Did he know Mr. Petrelli?  What’ll happen if he meets Sylar?  Time and the WGA strike will tell.

I wonder if…

-Adam Monroe will ultimatly reconcile with Hiro.
-Sylar will kill Alejandro, taking his power and use Maya as some sort of ransom against the others.
-Linderman returns to seize control of The Company…Bob has been working for him and Adam was apparently villianized because Linderman considered him a threat.
-Mr. Petrelli isn’t dead, his wife has made everyone think this for some yet to be revealed reason. 

How it’ll all fit together, I’m still working that out…but needless to say, this show is awesome and I cannot wait for Mondays!



One response

21 11 2007

wow, your theories are pretty good. I would not be surprised if any of them turn true.

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