Red China lists Bible as banned items for 2008 Olympics.

6 11 2007

Before I begin, I have no interest in the Olympic Games what so ever.

Saying that, I realize that there are many who anticipate the games and look forward to them…I don’t understand it, but I realize it.

In 2008 the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Bejing, China.  Communist China.  Today they (Communist China) has issued their list of banned items for the Olympics.  On that list, the Bible.  The Bible!  Are you serious.  The “logic” behind it was that it could cause violence.  Yeah….because the Chinese aren’t known for their violence.

Even if you are not a Christian, you have to realize that this is a blatant attempt by Red China to surpress their people’s right to religion.  Look, politically, I don’t care if Chinese people are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest or Christian…just give them the right to choose and give them that material to choose from.  Ban the Bible? What in the world?

You know what? Ban the games.  I’m all for a boycott of the Olympic Games.  This proves it is an overhyped event that the media wants us to be excited about.  They do, they really try to make us want to like the Olympics and China.  Not me (except the food).



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16 11 2007

Ah but I think you are like me and don’t care really that much for sports! It seems occasionally when flipping around on the TV that I find that we once again have the Olympics. Hmm – then I flip the channel. I don’t think I’d really notice if it wasn’t broadcast or if it even were held…

Even still, boycotting the Olympics probably wouldn’t do anything positive for the people in China, especially with regards to allowing religion, would it? I’m curious what a co-worker of mine thinks about this topic as she is Chinese…

20 11 2007


first time I met anybody who is thinking the same way as me, WHY people are forgt. about this how a lot of bad things going on EVERY day in China , and now World’s of peace Sport Eve ? – terrible ..

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