30 11 2007

Stumbled upon this site today……it’s insane.

 They are the standard map site, with views from satellites.  However, they offer what’s called “Bird’s Eye View”.  Now that is too cool.

 Check it out.

Season Finale? of Heroes…

28 11 2007

Unless the WGA Strike comes to a swift end, it appears Heroes will come to a swift end.  This upcoming Monday is the end of Volume 2 and perhaps Season 2.  Entitled “Powerless”, the episode will hopefully tie up the stories we’ve been following since September…hopefully.

November 19’s episode was phenomenal…outstanding.  This past week’s (November 26) was good, but not “pacing the halls during commercial break” worthy.  It did, however, build up for what could be an outstanding episode December 3rd.

Sylar back in New York…in Mohinder’s apartment…with Molly.  Where’s Parkman? Yikes!  Claire threatening to go public about The Company.  Elle doubting her father, and Noah helping with that by the way.   Oh yeah…don’t forget our boys Adam and Peter are in Odessa, TX.  Something about a virus?  I don’t know.

The good folks at have posted a 5-minute preview of the upcoming episode “Powerless”.  Go check it out!  It’s a great site done very well.  Pay them a visit and comment.

Richmond Master Plan…or…We can make a fancy book and so can you!

27 11 2007

This week the City of Richmond released their draft of the Downtown Master Plan.  The lengthy description covers things like transportation, housing, recreation and the like.

A lot of items in the plan are good…some are questionable, but okay we’ll go along…and others…well, we’ll see.

I have no idea if turning one way streets to two way streets is even worth the effort.  There are those who know better than I.  Planting trees and improving the street-scape will never hurt.  I love the idea of bringing back the streetcar.  I’d use it. 

The plan calls for Mayo’s Island to become a park and incorporated into the James River Park System.  This would be awesome, and perhaps better than developing it.  Development is probably not likely due to it being in the middle of the river beyond the protection of the flood wall. 

Magnificent renderings of downtown scenes are featured in this book:

Marshall Street

Above: The Future of Marshall Street?  Why not?

Below: The renewal of Hull Street in Manchester, which is now considered “downtown”…

Hull Street

 Two items that struck me…

One: the desire of the city to have a signature building at the northern end of the Manchester Bridge (see below):


 …and secondly…


This is most interesting to me.  Apparently there’s a movement (unknown how intense and/or serious) to have the USS Zuni, a World War II vessel, to dock at Richmond as a permanent fixture downtown.  This would be tremendous, awesome and fantastic all at the same time.

Bottom line…

Any and all parts of this would not hurt the city.  But would it be good for the city?  Perhaps.  I have been very optimistic about the city’s future…in spite of itself.  Richmond is a unique place in this nation.  Faced with the same challenges as any other comparable city, we seem to have a slightly different spirit than most.  It is difficult to explain.

The City really needs to embrace its history while at the same time focus on its future.  The opportunities are endless if those in charge can figure out this balance. 

 I wish this plan well and hope that the ones who will implement it will have success.

I’m hopeful.

Who is Adam Monroe? and other Heroes theories

13 11 2007

Adam Monroe - Heroes Wiki

Adam Monroe.  Good or bad?  You know, one of the great things about the show Heroes is that there are characters who you’re never sure if they’re good or bad.  Mr. Monroe is such.  We saw him in 17th century Japan as Kensai.  Vowing to conquer Japan and cause pain for Hiro.  Then skip 400 years and there he is helping Peter Petrelli heal his brother Nathan and protecting Peter from The Company. 

Bottom line is, I really want to like this character.  We know he respects loyalty.  We know he’s after the other founding members of The Company.  He’s supposedly killed Kaito Nakamura and others.  He was using Maury to attack these people.  He was Linderman’s boss.  Linderman’s boss.  Mr. Monroe is one serious dude.  Not to be toiled with.

So where does he fit in to all this?  Will he be the cure to the virus?  Is Claire a descendant of him?  Did he know Mr. Petrelli?  What’ll happen if he meets Sylar?  Time and the WGA strike will tell.

I wonder if…

-Adam Monroe will ultimatly reconcile with Hiro.
-Sylar will kill Alejandro, taking his power and use Maya as some sort of ransom against the others.
-Linderman returns to seize control of The Company…Bob has been working for him and Adam was apparently villianized because Linderman considered him a threat.
-Mr. Petrelli isn’t dead, his wife has made everyone think this for some yet to be revealed reason. 

How it’ll all fit together, I’m still working that out…but needless to say, this show is awesome and I cannot wait for Mondays!

Red China lists Bible as banned items for 2008 Olympics.

6 11 2007

Before I begin, I have no interest in the Olympic Games what so ever.

Saying that, I realize that there are many who anticipate the games and look forward to them…I don’t understand it, but I realize it.

In 2008 the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Bejing, China.  Communist China.  Today they (Communist China) has issued their list of banned items for the Olympics.  On that list, the Bible.  The Bible!  Are you serious.  The “logic” behind it was that it could cause violence.  Yeah….because the Chinese aren’t known for their violence.

Even if you are not a Christian, you have to realize that this is a blatant attempt by Red China to surpress their people’s right to religion.  Look, politically, I don’t care if Chinese people are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest or Christian…just give them the right to choose and give them that material to choose from.  Ban the Bible? What in the world?

You know what? Ban the games.  I’m all for a boycott of the Olympic Games.  This proves it is an overhyped event that the media wants us to be excited about.  They do, they really try to make us want to like the Olympics and China.  Not me (except the food).

when we last left off…

6 11 2007

It’s been a month and I’ve neglected the blog for long enough.  It’s time for an update!

Having a nephew is surreal…..there’s this child here and he’s small and you look at him and ask, “are you really here?”  But in a cool way.

I was disappointed that J.K. Rowling decided to make Dumbledore a homosexual.  Why?  Why does she have to do that?  Nothing in the writings or films suggests this about Albus, it seems like it was a spur of the moment decision.  It is unfortunate.

I’ve become extremely engrossed with the show Heroes.  I’ve been watching season 2 on television and bought the season 1 DVDs.  An incredible show, and I can’t get enough of it.

I have been updating my Flickr site on a constant basis, so you can go check that out to get a visual update on my life.

That’s all I have for now, it’s Election Day…and it’s 7:16 am… it’s early….and I’m at work.

God is love.