The need to be pedestrian friendly.

8 10 2007

The Richmond Times-Dispatch today had an article about a gentleman’s successful efforts to have sidewalks installed along Brook Road in the vicinity of Parham Road.  This is an extremely busy intersection and you do quite often see people attempting to walk, ride and maneuver the area.

In follow up to my post yesterday, I’d also have to say that the need to make areas pedestrian friendly is as paramount as providing adequate public transportation.  You need a way to get to the bus stop if there’s to be a bus stop.

Not only that, but in certain areas it is down right stupid to constantly have to get in your car and relocate to a parking lot just 200 feet away when you could easily walk.  Such is the case of Bell Creek Road in Mechanicsville.  With the influx of development along this stretch of road from US 360 to VA 156, it seems logical to install sidewalks so people can take advantage of all the shopping and not have to risk life and limb and travel on Bell Creek Road, aka the Autobahn of Richmond.

I hope that one day the Hanover County Board of Supervisors will acknowledge that it would make more sense to install sidewalks than to have people walking on the shoulder of the road or in the travel lane itself.  This would also be the case for Mechanicsville Turnpike.

People won’t rely less on their cars until they’re given a realistic alternative.



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16 11 2007

I wouldn’t mind sidewalks across the entire metropolitan area. I live down in Chesterfield, where this is mostly the same (although I hear there are some new subdivisions we definitely cannot and don’t want to afford that do have sidewalks!).

I wonder given gas prices (that seem hyped a tad bit right now about the whole $4/gallon we theoretically might see in only a few weeks) if this might change… but I doubt it.

28 11 2007

I think the argument is that it is too expensive to go back and install sidewalks. I have noticed that when VDOT does work on major throughways that they’ll install sidewalks. If you check the work being done over on Hull Street Road out past Brandermill you’ll see the sidewalks in.

Not sure what the gas price ordeal will do to things. It really seems like they’re trying to get us used to $3.00ish gas. I’m ready for these alternative fuels more to save money rather than the environment, but that’s cool too.

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