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7 10 2007

There’s been a lot of talk around the web and in the newspaper about public transportation and the desire to have a regional public transportation system.

Currently, in Richmond, public transportation runs in the City of Richmond, parts of Henrico County and even more limited parts of Chesterfield County.

There are those who wish to expand service into the counties…and that’s fine, however it needs to be done correctly.

Recently GRTC expanded service up Mechanicsville Turnpike to Laburnum Avenue.  That’s good, but you know I begin to wonder what good is it to have public transportation in areas that are not pedestrian friendly.  Also, sticking up a sign on the side of the road and calling that a bus stop is not the way to do things.  People will not take public transportation seriously if it simply means you stand in the grass on the side of the road where traffic’s going 45 mph.

GRTC, or whoever needs to construct decent bus stops for people to wait for the bus in these new areas and in areas they wish to expand to.  I saw the stops at Williow Lawn on Willow Lawn Drive and that’s sort of the idea I’m thinking.  Anything besides a sign in the grass.

I’ve used public transportation in Washington, Norfolk and Atlanta.  It’s easy, and worth the money.  But they’re doing it right and not half way.  We here in Richmond have the nasty habit of doing things that are “good enough” and that has to stop.



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7 10 2007

What I find strange is that the CVS at the corner of Church Rd. and Lauderdale Dr. (Bout a mile from Broad and the entrance to Short Pump mall) advertises that they sell GRTC bus tickets. But where is there a GRTC stop in the West End? I would very much like to know, since I walk everywhere as it is…

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