The latest on development east of the city…

12 09 2007

This blog concerns development east of US 301 to the I-295/I-64 interchange in Eastern Henrico excluding developments within the City of Richmond (for info on that go to Richmond City Watch). 

TGI Fridays – This restuaraunt which for years has been promising to build, is finally building.  The extension of Creighton Parkway is in the process of being paved and new signal lights installed at its intersection with Mechanicsville Turnpike.  The store itself is moving right along, exterior work seems to be going pretty quickly.  No timetable of when they’re opening, but I’m guessing they want to be open in time for the Holidays.

Stonewall Square – the sign’s up, but I cannot find much info about this place.  It is going to be across Creighton Pkwy extension from Friday’s.  I know that a 7-11 is going in beside Liberty Christian across from Kroger.  There was once rumor that a Wawa was going in, but it seems 7-11 will be the gas station there. (also Creekside Village townhomes are going in by this development).

The Shops at Creighton – this is something new I’ve stumbled upon, it is going to be on Creighton Pkwy BEHIND Kroger and American Family.  Site work has been submitted to the county the last I heard.

Lowe’s – they’re moving right along with work at the new Lowe’s.  It seems they’re getting ready to lay the pad for the building.  This development appears to be coinciding with the condo development going in behind CiCi’s Pizza.  Lowe’s expects to open in January.

Best Buy, Bell Creek Commons – Best Buy looks poised to open soon.  Exterior work is wrapping up.  They were putting a fresh coat of paint on the building yesterday.  There’s interior work being done at the Starbucks, but no signs up yet for other stores.  A very small “Orginial Mattress Company” sign was up, but I haven’t seen it in a while.  The Chick-fi-Lay sign is up, but no work seems to be being done on the site.  Not sure when the traffic signal’s going in either.  (they may wait until VDOT begins Bell Creek realignment in 2009-2010).  Chipotle is also supposed to go into this shopping center.

Buffalo Wild Wings – the signs are up, interior work progressing, they’re hiring so it must be soon.  Probably trying to get open by the Holidays.

Creighton Road @ 295 – noticed some people visually surveying the property diagnal from Fairmount Christian Church on Monday.  Three people in business atire.  That land is zoned business and can even support a gas station.  Stay tuned…

The Shops at Library Center – the new Mechanicsville Library goes before the Planning Commission September 21 and if approved goes to the Board October 25.  This shopping center will feature the new library and outparcel retail behind Pizza Hut and Arby’s.  Click here for informationThe New Mechanicsville Library Blog.

Dry Bridge Commons – Large commercial development at I-295 and US 60 in eastern Henrico.  Big box retail, resuarants, and hotels.

White Oak Village – Lots going on here, but no website yet….weird.

Audobon Center – this is going next to White Oak Village on Audobon Road.  It’s supposed to feature a big box retailer, restuarants and the like.

Tree Hill Farm – this is huge, on the order of Rockett’s Landing in the City.



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17 09 2007
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