Museum of the Confederacy split & move

8 09 2007

Well the news broke this week that the Museum of the Confederacy, the largest holder of Confederate artifacts, is splitting into three museums and moving from Richmond.  One museum will be at the Appomattox Courthouse National Battlefield Park, the second at the Chancllorsville National Battlefield Park and the third and a yet to be announced location.  The library and documents part will remain in Richmond and the plans to move the White House of the Confederacy have been abandoned.

Okay, the reason for all this is due to the fact that attendence has dropped off significantly in the last decade.  The Museum was attracting nearly 100,000 people a year in the mid ’90s, but now is barely welcoming 40,000 visitors a year.  This is due to the expansion of the VCU Medical Center which has engulfed the Museum site, made parking horrible and their present facility only allows them to show 10% of their holdings.

When news came out months ago that a new site was being considered, I instantly thought of two potential sites, one: the old Henrico County Courthouse on Main Street in Shockoe Bottom.  two: any site in the surrounding counties, Chesterfield, Hanover & Henrico all were scenes of most of the fighting around Richmond.

Okay, since this announcement has been made, let me throw in my two cents about the third site:  Petersburg.  Petersburg is a logical choice due to the siege, the importance it had during the war, and the fact that it is in the genesis of an urban renewal.  Downtown Petersburg is beginning to be transformed to a very cool place.  If you haven’t been there, you should visit and get a sense of the potential there for unique place to live, work and have fun.

I sincerly hope the Museum of the Confederacy is smart about what they’re doing.  Atleast the holdings will now be able to be seen by people across the Commonwealth.  Let’s hope it is in everyone’s favor to do this.



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9 09 2007
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