The Summer of 2007

26 08 2007

Two months and eleven days since the last post and let me tell you, a lot has occurred.  Nothing bad, but an entire summer has come and gone.  It has been an amazing summer.  The Summer Program at Fairmount went exceptionally well (thank you Lord!).  It’s been busy with family and friends, and keeping up with all the exciting new coming out of Hollywood about the new Trek movie, the new Harry Potter book (which I read in about 20 hours), the new Harry Potter movie (which I went to the midnight showing, and so much more.  I’ve become fascinated with photography and have started a flickr site.  I’ve started a twitter site because that is probably the next huge thing since myspace.  I now have two cats and have no room mate.  Which is sad, but she got married so…..she has to live with her husband, kind of how it works.

I’m kinda sorta off this week, I have to work Monday-Wednesday, but not the entire day.  School starts September 4.  My tenth year working at Fairmount is September 2.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming school year and the fall.  Bring on the MLB Postseason.