The World of 2017

15 05 2007

Hill Valley, 2015 (copyright NBC Universal)
Hill Valley, CA in 2015 (from Back to the Future Part II, Copyright: NBC Universal).  Which, really, is only eight years away….

The world of 2017.  NBC Nightly news is taking a look at what the world will be like in ten years.  While it’s not that long a time, it is light years away in terms of technology, social and political issues.  Imagine where we were in 1997 compared to today.  Why, this very blog site, the internet itself wasn’t what it is today. Personally, I lament at the fact that there aren’t flying cars and most importantly, hoverboards.  But alas, our universe will pan out as it will and we must await to see what the year 2017 will have in store for us.

Read NBC’s blog about 2017 here: