Battle of Williamsburg Reenactment

18 03 2007

Civil War at Endview PlantationThis weekend was the annual reenactment at Endview Plantation in Newport News.  The 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Williamsburg was the theme this year.  Going down today, the weather was blustery but clear.  The cold may have cut the attendance numbers a bit, but those putting on the event went on ahead and did an excellent job.  With reenactors dressed in period clothing, both military and civilians, it was a great look at life in 1862.  We were addressed by Major General John Bankhead Magruder (portrayed by Ron Furqueron) about the importance of the Virginia Peninsula and his efforts to keep at bay General McClellan’s Army of the Potomac which was disembarking ships at Fortress Monroe.  Learning how General Magruder deployed a series of Redoubts along several lines on the Peninsula plus how his request for more troops (he was outnumbered 10 to 1) was answered by the sending of General Joseph E. Johnson.  General Johnson took command and abandoned the Peninsula.  He took the Confederate Army west towards Richmond.  The Federal Army met up with the Confederates at Seven Pines/Fair Oaks (present day Richmond International Airport).  Following the talk by General Magruder, sutlers were open to sell their wares to reenactors and visitors alike.  At 2:00 pm the Battle of Williamsburg took place.  The half hour battle was extremely loud, but just a fraction of a fraction of the men, armament and noise that really took place 145 years ago.  Once the battle concluded, the army camps were open for visitors to walk around.  The men and woman who take part in the reenactment live as if in the 19th Century. No evidence of 21st century life was in sight.  This was another excellent Civil War Day done by Endview Plantation.    If you have the opportunity to tour Endview, make sure you do.  Plus check out Lee Hall Mansion and the other area Civil War battlefields.



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