Star Trek XI – December 25, 2008

17 03 2007

December 25, 2008 is a long way off.  But it is a day that I am most looking forward to.  For this is the day that Star Trek’s eleventh movie debuts in theaters.  The now much anticipated movie being produced and directed by Lostcreator J.J. Abrams will be a historic event for the Star Trek universe.  There is much speculation as to what this movie will be about and who will star in it.  Will it be a prequel?  Well, we know that it will not.  However, it will feature Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty to some extent.  Is it a relaunch like Batman Begins?  Maybe, but again we do know that this new movie will respect Trek canon.  But if it is relaunched as well as Batman was, then I’ll wait optimistically until 12/25/08.  Meanwhile, a good site to go to is  This site has so far been the best in my opinion with movie news and with updates on the Star Trek: Remastered episodes.



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