Finally, Chick-fil-a has come to Mechanicsville!

17 03 2007

A lot is coming to Mechanicsville.  The Marshalls has just opened, Old Navy is just around the corner and with it is Red Robin, Famous Footwear and others.  Now, after many long years asking, Mechanicsville will get a Best Buy and more importantly the elusive Chick-fil-a.  After long last a Chick-fil-a will be in Mechanicsville and the lines will wrap around the building and onto Bell Creek Road.  Not to worry, the fast food chain, which will be situated at The Shops at Bell Creek (current site of the old First Virginia Building) will reportedly have a traffic signal.  Anyone who has driven Bell Creek Road on any given weekend knows the perils that come with that voyage.

Last month the Virginia Department of Transportation showed the community their plans for Mechanicsville Turnpike (US 360).  They want to eight lane the highway from I-295 to a newly improved Bell Creek Road intersection with its norther terminous by the Patient First.  Then 360 will be six dedicated traffic lanes to a newly improved Lee-Davis Road intersection, which again is very congested.  The time table for this project is for construction to begin in 2010 after right of way and utility relocation has been secured.

Shops at Bell Creek



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